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We've been out for a little while and feel the need to nerd all over your face, neck, chest. Side Note: We know it's close to 4 hours long, but when you don't do something for close to 8 months you tend to go over board. So enjoy...

Spoiler Wars: A Star Wars Story


We've all read that dumbass Huffington Post article about The Force Awakens. Now, listen to a few wankers completely obliterate it in the name of all things nerd. So enjoy...

Certain Point of View


From a certain point of view (wink) this episode could be a spoiler heavy podcast about Star Wars. It's not, but it is our view what one might see before we got to go see The Force Awakens. So enjoy...


This week, a little indie film is brought up a lot. So much that Greg is on the verge of losing his wife because of it. So enjoy... (Disclaimer: This episode was recorded a month ago. Check out next week's episode for the reason why. Sorry.)

Ryan's Picks:

DC's: Grayson #3

DC's Detective Comics #644

Marvel Comics: Ultimate X-Men #60

Greg's Picks:

DC's: Superman #372

Image's: Girls Vol.1,2,3

And Sara decided to get sick and had no picks for this week because she doesn't care enough.

Nightmare on Sesame Street

This week, we find out that Sara is scared of cute and cuddly, while Greg and Ryan argue over cooties. So enjoy...

Greg's Picks:

Marvel's: Darth Vader #2

Marvel's: Guardians of Knowhere #1

Image's: The Beauties #1


Dynamite's: The Complete Dracula

Sara's Picks:

DC's Gotham City Sirens #1,2,3

Ryan's Picks:

Chaos! Comic's: Lady Death #1

Marvel's: New X-Men Academy #7

Marvel's: Spider-man #3

Retcon: Fat Chicks and Faygo


This week, we discuss the idea of legal weed in Ohio and Greg exposes his hatred for nature, again. So enjoy...

Originally aired May, 11th, 2013

The Fantastic Fuck-up

This week, the gang decide to yell at a dog and talk about comics. So enjoy...

Sara's Picks:

Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

Pretties By Scott Westerfeld

Specials By Scott Westerfeld

Extras By Scott Westerfeld

Greg's Picks:

DC's: Batgirl #12

DC's: Bombshells #1

DC's: Justice League Beyond #1


DC's: Knightfall

Ryan's Picks:

Top Cow's: The Darkness #9

Marvel's: Extreme X-men #8

Marvel's: Exiles #5


Marvel's: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

Marvel's: Deadpool Killustrated

Retcon: Dick Metal


This week the boys get all kinds of sexy, with things like Aroma Hot Pants and the Lady Parts hood. We told you. All kinds of sexy. So enjoy...

Originally aired Aug. 3rd, 2013

The Invincible Ant… Man!

In the second episode of their reboot, the gang gush over major Ant-man spoilers. You've been warned. So enjoy...

Ryan's Picks of the week:

Chaos Comics: The Omen #2 of 5

DC's: Superman Unchained #9

DC's: Batman & Two-face #25

Sara's Picks of the week:

DC's: Gotham Central #32

DC:s Batwoman #854 (Detective Comics)

DC's: Batwoman #855 (Detective Comics)

Greg's Picks of the week:

Image's: Invincible #118

Image's: C.O.W.L. #1

DC's: Cyborg #1 (2015- )

T.P.B.: Marvel's: Infinity Crusade

Back to Formula!

Just like in comic books, they restart their continuity and so are we. We're starting a new format for the podcast. All comic book everything!

Every week Ryan, Greg and new edition Sara will go over their top comic book picks for the week. They will review 3 single issues and a trade paperback of their choosing. From any era, any artist, any writer and any publisher.

Greg's Picks for the week:

Marvel's: Civil War #1 (2015- )

DC's: Gotham Central #40 

Dark Horse's: Mulan: Revelations #1

TPB Pick:

Wildstorm's: North 40

Ryan's Picks for the week:

Marvel's: Fear itself #1

Marvel's: Avengers Academy #9

TPB Pick:

The Watchmen

Sara's Pick for the week:

DC's Gotham City Sirens #21